What’s happening to the chick on Day 16?

Today the chick’s intestines continue to be drawn into its body and the yolk is now becoming more important in terms of providing nutrients throughout the rest of incubation, as the albumen (the white) of the egg is almost gone.  At this point, some

And finally today, some chicks (but not all) begin slowly to turn their position in the egg so that they move towards the best place for hatching, which is the head towards the blunt end. It’s here the beak will ‘pip’ through into the membrane and then through the shell.

Day 16

What’s happening to the chick on Day 11?

We’re halfway there! Chick development is really starting to speed up. The legs are developing scales, the toes are growing and curling, and the tiny comb grows a serrated edge.  The main blood vessel – the aorta – can be now be seen along the neck. The chick’s intestine begins to push its way into the yolk sac.  This happens so that the chick can fully absorb the yolk before it hatches and “take its lunch with it” when out of the shell.

Day 11